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ÖSD exams


The ӦsterreichischesSprachdiplom Deutsch ( Ӧsd) exam is recognized internationally as a proof of language competence in German and range from A1 to C2 levels.


>> Young people
>> Adults


>> Young people
>> Adults



Exam module



Written and Oral Examination

₦53,000.00 (exam only)

₦70,000.00 (exam + preparation class)**


Written and Oral Examination

₦53,000.00 (exam only)

₦70,000.00 (exam + preparation class)**


Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking Examination

₦64,000.00 (exam only)

₦84,000.00 (exam + preparation class)**

(₦16,000 per Module)


Written and Oral Examination


(₦17,500 per Module)


Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking Examination

Request Only


Written and Oral Examination

Request Only


Written and Oral Examination



Written Examination


**Form/registration fee 5,000

**The exam plus exam preparation displayed applies if you have already participated in a German language course at the German Made Easy Nigeria center


What is ÖSD exam?

The ÖSD is a non-profit organisation who develop internationally recognized exams for German as a foreign or second language. “ÖSD” stands for “Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch” as well as “Österreich, Schweiz, Deutschland” (Austria, Switzerland, Germany). Our exams are communicative- and pluricentric-oriented, cover all levels (A1–C2) corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and incorporate different standard variations of the German language.

Does the certificate/my exam expire?

In principle, ÖSD certificates are valid for an unlimited period of time. However, authorities sometimes demand certificates that are no more than two years old.

Is Ösd-Zertifikats accepted in Germany?

Osd-Zertifikats A1 through C2 is accept worldwide.

What do I need to register Osd exam?

A valid identity document (passport, identity card, etc.) is required for registration. For further information, please contact your respective ÖSD exam centre.

Am I allowed to use dictionary during the exam?

Dictionaries are not allowed for the A1, A2 and B1 exam levels. A monolingual or bilingual dictionary is allowed for the B2 exam. For the C1 and C2 exams, a monolingual dictionary (to prepare for both the written and oral parts of the exam) is allowed. Electronic dictionaries, computers with voice synthesizers or similar devices are strictly forbidden.

Do I have to complete all modules of exam within one year?

No, you can take the individual modules at any time. You will receive a certificate for each successfully completed module.

Which ÖSD certificates do I need to study in Germany

ÖSD certificates are recognized as proof of German language competence by all Austrian and many German universities. The level required (B2, C1, C2) depends on the respective university, as well as the study program you choose. Your university admissions office is the best point of contact for the level of certification required.

When do I receive my modules completion certificates?

A full completion certificate is issued once all modules of an exam are passed, whether it is done on the same date or over the course of one year (if taken at the same exam centre). When only an individual module is passed, a certificate for each successfully completed module is issued. There are no certificates for failed exams and modules.

How can I prepare for an ÖSD exam?

GME Nigeria provide ÖSD examination preparation courses for individual exams. In addition, ÖSD offers you further tools to prepare for your exam:

  • Take a look at the respective sample tests before you sit for the exam. This will give you a first impression of how an ÖSD exam is structured.
  • We also recommend our practice materials. In addition to our existing sample tests containing solutions, these provide further practice tests, comments on the exams with advice on solving them, general information on the exams and an audio CD with listening texts.
  • Test-Training digital gives you an insight into our exams. In addition, you can also try them online.
  • Finally, ÖSD offers the possibility of taking a mock exam, where your performance will be evaluated by our ÖSD experts just like in a real exam. You will not only receive a grade, but also detailed feedback on your performance and experience an authentic exam situation.