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Are you familiar with the term “Brain drain”? You may have come across it at some point in time. How about “Brain Gain”? If you’re wondering they mean we’ll start by defining them. There are quite a few definitions but simply put, Brain drain is the outward movement of a nation’s educated and skilled workforce to other countries for a better lease of life. In most cases people migrate from developing countries to developed or more advanced countries. As you can tell, there are obvious reasons for this. Lack of basic amenities, poor educational system, unemployment, unfavorable environment for economic activities, instability in the society especially as a result of bad leadership are some of the major reasons why people migrate to other countries. They also migrate to these advanced countries for better infrastructure, basic amenities, educational system, employment opportunities, health care and overall they will get a better quality of life.

When people move abroad, they will likely contribute to the economy of the country they’re in. They will join the workforce, academia and overall boost its Gross domestic product, while the country they left loses skilled and educated human resources and consequently, suffers for it. People need to feel safe and reassured that the leadership has their best interest at heart. This should also be reflected in government policies and more importantly, their implementation. Government should be held accountable and be transparent in it’s activities for the nation to advance.

For years we have been experiencing brain drain in Nigeria but there’s a bright side to this situation and that’s what we call Brain Gain.

Brain Gain is a situation where a country gains or benefits from its, vibrant, talented, skilled and educated people who traveled abroad for studies or migrated for a better life. Instead of contributing to others nations’ development, these people invest their skills, talent, education and resources in their country, thereby growing it’s economy and improving the standard of living overtime. There are ways that government can make this happen. For instance, if government withholds certain benefits or degrees from students, until they return to Nigeria, it would encourage students to come back home. Let’s not forget that leadership is service, so government has a lot to do in building the confidence of the people, making them feel safe and providing better living, working and economic conditions for development.
Thankfully, the Entertainment industry seems to have been a huge source of brain gain for Nigeria because many people who schooled abroad or were based there have relocated here to make movies, music and be part of our fast growing entertainment industry.

According to a PriceWaterHouse Coopers report on media and entertainment 2015 – 2019, Nigeria’s entertainment industry was worth $4 billion US dollars as at 2014. It is estimated to be worth twice as much by 2019. The main catalyst of this astronomical growth is the Internet and with the Internet, we have broadened our horizon. Not only will we advance in other sectors, Nigeria will be the hub for entertainment and foreign investors will come in droves.
The future is bright. We just need to transform our minds and work together to make Nigeria, not just in words but in reality, the “giant of Africa.

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